Excited to have Esoteric.Codes is at ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany, through January 2019, as part of their Open Codes show.

In three videos, I delve into one specific idea each concerning code art, codework, and esolangs, trying to go as deep as I can in 7 minutes (each), rather than presenting an overview that could never hope to capture all of the competing threads that make up code art as a practice. In the first, I discuss early esolangs (drawing quite a bit from the interview with Chris Pressey). The second explains the non-programmable programming languages (my thoughts are explained in more depth here). The third looks at the difficult relationship between logic and language, drawing from Cassirer and Eco. That last topic is a huuuge one that I've only started to discuss on the blog. That third video was a great chance to talk about Oulipo, quines, and trigraph operators in C++.

In addition to the video, iPads contain the entire contents of the blog, in a kiosk-friendly format.

Before appearing in Karlsruhe, ZKM brought the work to the Goethe Institut in Mubai.

Opening of Open Codes last year (to get a sense of the layout of the show)

Video of esoteric.codes with tablets. Onscreen, that's a brainfuck installation onscreen by Tinna Siradze and Zura Jishkariani

Andrew Wang-Hoyer's Entropy.JS

Me trying to explain Malbolge's tritwise Crazy operation

Read more at ZKM's site.